Technical advantages

To do a good job, one must first sharpen one\'s tools. Through complete operation process and strict quality control system, we are able to stably provide high quality precuts for long-term with systematic, standardized running.

Core processing equipment

Sheet metal Cutting
Laser cutting machine, CNC plasma machine, CNC flame cutting machine
Sheet metal bending
CNC bending machine
Sheet metal welding
Automatic longitudinal welding machine Automatic ring welder
Gantry machining center CNC lathe
Testing equipment
Dynamic balancing tester Dew point meter

Product production process

sustainable development

As a responsible enterprise, we carry out our low carbon environmental protection mission and encourage our employees to participate actively in such efforts
Achieve sustainable management
Our strategy is to maximize the ecological benefits at all stages of the business. We measure business units and personal environmental performance to foster a sustainable corporate culture.
Make production more clean
We take the initiative to adopt more clean production processes that will reduce raw material usage and waste. At the same time, we ask our partners to do so
Green purchase
We are a leader in green purchasing. We are highly efficient in purchasing reusable building materials, lighting fixtures and computers.